Using Siri with Apple Music

Hi, my family just switched over from Apple Music from Amazon Music and I’m trying to figure out how a couple things work with Siri. Can you please help?

  1. When there is a song playing and I tell siri to “Save to my favorites”, where does it go? On amazon music there was a Favorites playlist, but I can’t find any such playlist on apple music.

  2. When i make a playlist in the app then tell siri to save to that playlist, it seems very inconsistent and often does work. I’ve tried making a playlist called Favorites, My Favorite Songs, Favorite Songs, Good Music, Great Music, Elephant Music, and Kangaroo Music. Then I said variations of “Add this to “Playlist name”” or "Add this to my playlist called “Playlist Name.” The only one that worked sometimes was Good Music and was unconsistent. Siri usually said “Ok got it” and then nothing happens. And sometimes she says she can’t find that playlist even though its already been made.

I’m trying to make it as simple as possible for parents to use and that would just confuse them.

Is siri integration with apple music just really bad or am I missing something? How do i make it work better? Are there any tricks that would help?

Or will this be fixed in iOS 14?


In case you haven’t seen these:

IMO, no Siri is just not great. It works well on the iPhone with most of Apple’s default apps. Less so with Music. If it plays the song I requested 4 times out of 5 I consider that a win.

Siri on HomePod isn’t Siri. It is Siri’s not so bright clone.

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I am able to tell Siri on iOS and iPad to play a certain genre (death metal, bebop jazz, etc…) and she was usually pretty good. I rarely ever used the desktop version.

This morning I tried a dozen times to get Siri to play some bebop jazz, then any jazz. And I was getting literally anything but.

Even when it says “playing pure jazz radio” it gave me some heavy metal music (which is awesome normally) and the up next playlist had nary a jazz piece in sight. I do own lots of jazz, so I’m lost here.