Using Spotify on the Homepod Mini?

Hey everyone, wondering if anyone else has run into issues trying to use Spotify on the Homepod mini? Our family recently got one after our echo dot died and I’ve been unable to get it to play music from Spotify using Siri.

I’ve followed the guidance in this Apple Support Doc but haven’t had any luck being able to set Spotify as my default music app.

Seems silly that I’m able to set Spotify as the default and use voice commands with it on my iPhone, but the same thing doesn’t seem possible on the Homepod mini? One workaround I’ve been able to find is if I’m in another room, I can use the voice command I normally would on my iPhone but then append “in the kitchen” and it will play. But that only works obviously when I’m not in the kitchen .

Anyone have any other workarounds or advice?

You’re trying to do it correctly. Spotify seems to be intentionally absent.