Using Streamdeck with Zoom

Hey MPU Fam,

So I’ve been trying to make my Streamdeck work a bit more for me over the last bit and am really trying to maximize it in my Zoom meetings. What I’m lacking, at the moment, is either a keyboard shortcut or way to program reactions into my Streamdeck. Is this a thing?

I initially thought I’d try to find keyboard shortcuts for them, but can’t seem to find them either. I’m really not sure if it’s me or if the software (for Zoom) just doesn’t allow it.

Anyone else been able to either do keyboard shortcuts for reactions (raising hand, clapping, thumbs up, etc) or found a way to program them to your Streamdeck?



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From a limited Google, it appears that keyboard shortcuts for reactions is something the Zoom user community has requested but I was not able to find information that they exist to any great extent. I do not have my Mac handy (iPad at the moment) to experiment with.

I do know that Option-Y is used to raise/lower your hand, so that is at least available.

As i have not actually used reactions in Zoom calls, I don’t know whether they are available as menu bar items. If you can select reactions from the menu, then you can use Keyboard Maestro to select them, for example, and tie KM Macros into StreamDeck, so that would be one route. You might also be able to use UI scripting in AppleScript, but it will likely be a chore to figure out how to make that happen. KM can also simulate a click on an image that it will find on the screen. The problem I tend to have with UI scripting and even more with KM finding an image to click on is that it is very fragile - it will break, for example, if Zoom issues an update with a change in the image you are relying on finding.

I don’t know if Zoom is AppleScriptable, again because I do not have my Mac handy. Are there actions for Zoom in Shortcuts? Again you could create a Shortcut to do what you need, if that is possible, and tie the shortcuts into StreamDeck. (I will guess Zoom is not AppleScriptable. I found a posting from about a year ago about a plugin for Zoom for StreamDeck, which works by using AS to scan Zoom’s menus to click on appropriate items, and that plugin does not mention supporting actions…which makes me think there may not be a way to use Menu selections for this purpose either.)

Interesting to hear from those with more Zoom expertise than I have.

I used keyboard maestro to automate it. Brief version, have it click on images for the “reactions” button, then the actual reaction (with pauses between). Then KM link to launch the macro. I just have a separate macro (and SD button) for each one. (I only really use clap, thumbs up, and party).


Think @KevinC is right. Can only be done via Keyboard Maestro as no keyboard shortcuts available.

I do use 2 different profiles for Zoom. (Haven’t settled on my favourite yet:


You just justified me finally pulling the trigger KM!

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Thanks for these shares! These are awesome!

Just a quick update.

First, thanks to KevinC for his example. Beyond a few trial KM macros via Youtube, his was the basis for my first real KM experiments and they worked well. I was able to create keystrokes (that I also mapped to my StreamDeck) to raise my hand, lower it, thumbs up, clap, and to toss up and remove the “Away” reaction when I’m hosting office hours.

Second, I want to thank simonsmark for sharing his profiles. Those are awesome. I’m using them to learn and expand my own profile/template game.

Now I just need to spend some time learning this stuff better. But I have to say, it’s a pure joy when these things work!