Using tags produce multiple versions of files in Finder


Ever since I started using tags I have had this irritating problem with my main iMac.

For some context, I have:

  • one iMac
  • one iPad
  • one iPhone
  • one Synology NAS running DS Cloud

All running latest updates of everything constantly. All synced.

What happens is this:
All files stored in iCloud that are tagged shows 4 times in Finder, but all 4 “versions” have the same path. This only happens on my iMac (see screenshot)

Anybody else experiencing this? Luckily I don’t use tags that much so it’s not a practical problem, but it’s quite irritating.


I checked and I have a few files that show up twice. It is because I have the same file in two different directories. Maybe this is what you’re seeing.
Try turning on View | Show Path Bar so you can single-click on files and see where they are located.

Update: I just opened my NAS in locations, and now there are four copies of the files that I was seeing two copies of - two on my iMac, and copies of those two on the NAS.

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Thank you.

It looks like the files that show up multiple times in Finder are located on different backup-disks and a folder called iCloud (Archive).

Problem was then easily solved by excluding these folders and disks from Spotlight.

Again, thank you :slight_smile:

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