Using Target Display Mode With ThinkPad T480

So I have a unique case and I’m having trouble finding anything that lets me know if this is or is not possible.

I recently started a new remote job where all I was issued was a brand new ThinkPad T480 but will not be issued any other equipment. As with most people I would like to have multiple monitors but my desk at home was set up with my Late 2013 21" iMac (iMac14,3). I am trying to prevent my desk from becoming to cluttered having my laptop, an additional monitor and my iMac all on it and I’ve been thinking of using my iMac as an external monitor.

My ThinkPad has USB-3/Thunderbolt 3 ports and I know that to do target display mode you have to use the Thunderbolt port on the iMac. Would it be possible for my to use a Thunderbolt cable attached to a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter that goes from the ThinkPad to my iMac in TDM to use it as an external monitor? If not is it not possible because of Windows to Mac issues or something to do with converting the Thunderbolt cables?

Edit: Initially said target disk mode when I meant display and have corrected the original post to reflect that.

I think what you’re looking for is Target Display Mode, not Target Disk Mode (which is different). I’m not aware of any way to use Target Display Mode with a non-Mac computer.

You could use RealVNC (or similar) and log into your laptop from your iMac. Even have it running in a window so you can do macOS stuff when you get tired of Windows.

Maybe getting target disk mode and target display mode is why I was struggling to find an answer on this issue. I’ll keep on digging but hoping this works out.

According to the official support page its only Mac-to-Mac but it seems like I’ve seen online people doing exactly what I’m trying.