Using Ulysses or Scrivener for Cover Letter Writing

I’m debating using Ulysses or Scrivner for my cover letter right in that I’m doing for applying to jobs. Currently I am writing them in Google Docs which works well but I find that at times I get distracted and I’m not able to singly focus. I find I’m basing many of my cover letters off each other as a jumping off point especially when applying to similar positions. Currently don’t have a copy of Microsoft Word so I’d have to export or download from Google Docs and or open in Pages. I prefer uploading to job sites PDF files.

Since you are (usually?) passing through Pages, why not use that. You can write your boilerplate and save as a template that you open to create new cover letters for each position. Or you can save the boilerplate on your desktop, go to Get info and check the Stationary pad box to turn it into a template you can launch directly. Close all apps but Pages and check Do not disturb at the top of Notifications to avoid distractions.
Note that the Stationary pad trick will work for any application’s documents.


Cover letter should normally be no more than 1 or 2 pages. And you want to get the format “just right”. Certainly both Ulysses and Scrivener are over-kill (and may be hard to get that “just-right” format) for writing cover letters. I’d stick with Google Docs or even TextEdit on the mac.

Could they work? Yes, of course. Try it.

Cover letters? You can use anything for that. Distraction? Put any app into full-screen mode. Ulysses and Scrivener are indeed overkill. I’m not getting this question.

Want something simple, free - use BBEdit or Drafts, or even Apple’s TextEdit. Or eliminate rulers etc and stay in Pages.

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Hey all, I ended up downloading the following Chrome Extension which allows full screen and hides the formatting and toolbar. It’s been working great and is easy to use.

I agree with @tomalmy and @rms is right too though. The point being really that Ulysses is not a ‘final version’ writing tool. I always have to adjust when I put things in html and so on anyway? I don’t treat it as a final version of anything important I do. I do for a lot of things for my own use and emails and so on. I would use Mellel for that final draft of a letter or template letter. However i think Pages would be just as good. If I can, I stay off Word or Google Docs, they work fine though I will admit.

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