Ussing a Magic Keyboard with iPad Pro

I finally got my Apple Smart Keyboard for my new iPad Pro 11’ and its working great. I really like it.

I also bought an Apple Magic Keyboard to use at home when I want to write for extended periods of time. I think its nicer to type on than the other one.

I take out the Magic Keyboard and connect it via Bluetooth. I use the Smart Keyboard as a stand, so its also connected at the same time.

I can type on both keyboards simultaneously, but I cant use the app switcher on the magic keyboard for some reason.

Does this not work at all on the magic keyboard with iPad Pro or is it because the Smart Keyboard is connected?

Command + Tab?

That works for me (I only use a Magic Keyboard; no Smart Keyboard).

That’s what I tried. It probably doesn’t work when there’s another keyboard attached

Why don’t you remove the smart keyboard to see what happens?

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I have done that. And app switching works fine. So we can conclude that app switching doesn’t work when two keyboards are connected at the same time

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