Utility to Unzip Zipped Archive Files on Mac?

I was forwarded a Zip Archive file. I cannot open it on my MBP (M1). I thought there was a utility built in but if there is, I’m not finding it. Do you have a program that you would recommend?

There should be a built-in utility, but I use Keka (on my Intel Mac, but it does support M1 by now).

I’m thinking there should be a utility too but when I double click the file, nothing happens and no utility shows up when I select “Open with…”

Better Zip or Archiver on Setapp may work for you.

Look in


You should find the Archive Utility there.

(macOS 11.2.3)

Normally you just need to double click a zip file to open it. It does have the .zip extension, correct?

When you right click on the file and select “Get Info” what does it say in the ‘Open with:’ section? It should say:

open wth

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A couple times over the last several years I’ve had the archive utility stop showing up like this when double-clicking an archive. I was able to fix it with a restart.

That did it! For whatever reason the utility was not working nor showing up but after a reboot, all is working again. Strange.


This kind of “now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t” BS is becoming all too familiar, and I despair of a solution any time soon, if at all :exploding_head: