Vanatoo T0 or AudioEngine HD3 Speakers?

I’m looking to upgrade my desktop speakers (currently old Bose Companion 2’s) connected to my iMac. I’m wondering if anyone here has the Vanatoo Transparent Zero or AudioEngine HD3 speakers and if so how do you like them?

My Bose are generating some static noise and so I’m looking for an upgrade. In reading reviews I’m guessing the Vanatoo’s have a little better sound but I like the front volume know and headphone jack on the seemingly comparable AudioEngine ones.

Since working from home my desktop speakers are getting a lot more use than my Sennheiser PXC550 cans. I’m a classic rock guy so I’m hoping for decent bass without having to add a subwoofer.

I have the same Bose and am thinking of replacing with the AudioEngine A2+. I still use either Bose Sport in-ear (wired) or Bose QC25 headphones so am going to get the D1 adapter as well - it will also be the feed for Sonos for the office space through the D1.

Did you consider the A2+?

The A2+'s were my first choice but I eventually talked myself out of them after reading a lot of reviews on some of the audio sites instead of just Amazon. I didn’t like the volume knob on the back and a lot of the reviews talk about their lack of bass without adding a subwoofer.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know that the bass will be all the much better on the HD3’s but I like the volume knob on the front and the headphone jack (I’m old fashion). The HD3’s have the D1 DAC built in as well as a headphone amp behind the jack.

Thanks - The A2+ and HD3 look pretty similar as far as speaker components go. Differences in the size and DAC. I too want to avoid a subwoofer for now but am not opposed to getting one eventually. I’m building a standing desk and looking for a clean look to the surface - thus the D1 (mounted underneath the desk and the A2+ with no front wires) is the plan. I’m expecting to be able to use the D1 as the volume control so the back-mounted one on the A2+ likely won’t get adjusted much if at all.

So many options!