Vanishing App Store Purchases?

Anybody else experiencing this “gas lighting”? In the past couple of months I’ve had two iOS apps marked for update that would not because the store claimed they were purchased on another account. Simultaneously, the older installed versions also stopped functioning for the same reason! The apps no longer appear in my purchase history. Note that I do have two accounts (you may know the problem that Apple won’t merge them) but I share them as family members and the apps don’t appear as purchased by either.

Problem apps are Carrot Weather and HeartWatch. I paid to repurchase HeartWatch but decided to drop Carrot Weather.

I haven never experienced that in the App Store.

I will use the occasion to point that the management of your purchased apps is pretty poor. There is no way to know which apps you purchased other than scrolling through a never ending list (my first iPhone is from 2008). Glad to see they now can filter through paid and free apps.

I’ve never experienced it either. I would reach out to the App Store team with your receipts.

I haven’t contacted Apple, but the plot thickens.

I couldn’t find a receipt for Carrot Weather. But I only have receipts going back to 2016.

I did find a receipt (from 2017) for HeartWatch. However even though I had to repurchase it, there was no receipt email for the purchase but it does appear on my purchases now and I have not been charged.

Once I uninstalled the non-functioning, non-updatable Carrot Weather I could redownload it fresh and it saw all my old settings.

So anyway I am back to where I was before they disappeared.