Variable Speed M4A Playback on iOS - Anybody use a good app?

I’m currently using Overcast’s file upload functionality to play quite a bit of stuff, and honestly I’d need more than the 2 GB offered as part of Premium to hold the stuff I want to have available.

So I’m looking for another app with good, granular variable-speed playback support that will let me have the speed set by default to whatever value I want.

Which rules out VLC. It only allows the default in increments of 0.25x.

I’m considering trying out Castro, as it supports drag 'n drop from the Mac.

Anybody have any good suggestions for other apps I should be looking at?

I’d also look at Pocket Casts. (Satisfied customer.) I am not aware of any limits to what you can save/sync (though there might be some). Aside from the app itself, with a one-time $9 charge (free 14 day trial to check it out) you also get access to the web player, which shows the podcasts you’ve subscribed to on the mobile app, what you’ve listened to, what’s in progress, and helps you find new podcasts. All the content is synced up with the mobile app, so it’s easy to start listening right where you left off.

Can you do custom files on iOS? The only directions I’m finding are for Android.

You can add find podcasts to subscribe to or add URLs manually.

If you’re looking to sideload specific audio files and play them in the app - what they refer to as ‘custom episodes’ - that’s something I’ve never done with this iOS app. I’ve never had that need but assume I’d either toss files into iTunes/Music, or access and play them from Files, or if they’re on a site I’d stream them in Safari.

To clarify, my only use case for this app is to play custom files. I don’t need to switch my podcast client - I just need more space for custom files than Overcast allows.

And I need variable speed that’s controllable in very granular increments.

Pocket Casts seems to require that things be in a podcast feed somewhere, and that doesn’t fit my use case.

Castro allows sideloading via iCloud, but there are some other things about the interface I find a bit clunky. So I’m looking for other options. :slight_smile:

I’d recommend looking for an audio player app. What’s wrong with Apple’s Music app?

I need speed variance in something like 0.1x increments. I’m working on gradually increasing listening speed.

Then work on the 2Gb in files you already have … faster, lol.