Varsity level home video setup


I was pretty impressed with myself the other day for turning on my 12.9” iPad Pro and opening a blank white document, then cranking the brightness up to 100% to balance the light hitting my face for a Zoom call.


You should be impressed with yourself.

I couldn’t figure out why my face is often dark on Zoom videos, even though I have big windows behind my monitor and webcam. A friend who is a photographer pointed out that I have big windows to my left as well, which might confuse the light sensors on the camera.

I do not have blackout shades on the side windows so I may have to do something about that.

I positioned my WFH desk right in front of the only window in the room, because I figured it was the best way to get light for all the Zoom calls that I would be on, but of course that only helps during the day.

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I happened to have a big flat panel light at home, so a couple of weeks ago I hung it on the wall opposite me and only turn it on for videos.
As long as I make sure there are no shadows from my monitor, it’s fab.

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