Vector Apps for the Mac

Does anyone know of any vector apps besides Illustrator that can natively open and save SVG or PDF files?

I would like to find an app that I can use on smart objects in Photoshop for basic edits like changing color and curve editing. I’ve got Affinity Designer and Graphic, but they only save in their own proprietary formats.

The open source Inkscape is useful for SVG files:

I had checked out Inkscape and was turned off by the X11 environment. I missed the beta of v1.0 earlier. I found that and gave it a try. It seems to do what I need. Thanks.

Affinity Designer can certainly export and open both SVGs and PDFs though. For directly manipulating Smart Objects, I’m thinking Illustrator would be your only choice?

I think Pixelmator Pro will also do that.

Inkscape seems to work out ok. It’s not what I would choose for designing, but for quick edits, I think that it will do.

Pixelmator Pro will open SVGs and PDFs but it wants to save in its own format.

Yes, use the File Export… option to save back to the original format.

That doesn’t work for smart objects in Photoshop. It has to be able to save back the format of the placed object. Exporting opens a new dialog and won’t update the object in Photoshop.

Came across recently.

I’m an Affinity user, but don’t have the application at hand at the moment. But according to their website it should be capable of saving in the file formats you mention.

Full Save or Export List

  • PDF (can be opened in Adobe® Illustrator®) (improved)
  • SVG
  • EPS
  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • GIF
  • EXR (Open EXR)
  • HDR (Radiance)
  • Affinity common file format

$295? I think that I’ll pass on that one.

Designer will export a wide range of formats, but It only saves in its own proprietary format. I need it to be able to save in place to the original format.