Ventura - Disable keyboard brightness function keys

Just switched to Ventura, and I’m wanting to disable the F1 & F2 brightness controls on my Magic Keyboard. However, I can’t find the controls for it. Looking in System Settings → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts → Display, it shows F14 & F15 as being the controls, but I don’t have that many function keys on my keyboard. Poking around in other areas, I can’t find anything that references F1 & F2 for brightness controls, or configuring the other function keys.

Any idea where I can find the controls that I’m seeking?

Maybe this will work for you: Try Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Function Keys (on left). Then set “Use F1, F2, etc keys as standard function keys” to on. To use the Apple functions, you would then need to use the function key in combination with the F1, etc.

Yeah, that’s kinda one way to do it. But I can still accidentally hit the F1/F2 buttons and change the screen brightness on my calibrated monitor. Ideally, I’d like to remap those keys to something else, so that I can’t change the brightness in this way.

With the setup I suggested, wouldn’t you have to accidentally hold down the function key AND the F1/F2 to toggle brightness? I remapped F1 to a KBM macro.

No public API for what you want to do according to Peter Lewis of Keyboard Maestro fame.

(EDIT to select a better entry point in the referenced thread. Peter Lewis makes several posts in this thread.)

Yep, you’re correct in that I would have to accidentally hold down the Fn key AND hit the F1/F2, but stranger things have happened with my “fat fingers”.

I love the idea of using KBM to remap F1/F2 to something else, so I’ll look into that.


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