Ventura Issue - which window is on top

I switched to Ventura today on my multi-monitor Mac Pro. Overall it went well except for one odd window issue that is puzzling me.

Suppose I have Audacity as my focus on monitor # 2 with NewsExplorer under it:

Now I move the mouse to my main monitor and choose something else as the focus.

In doing so, on monitor # 2 Audacity moves behind NewsExplorer so I can no longer see its contents:

Why does Ventura do this - or what do I need to do in order to change it? With Monterey if I moved the focus to a different monitor the original monitor stayed just as it was.

Exploring this further - the issue is specific to Audacity - it goes to the background whenever another app is selected, even in another window on another display.

It never used to do it but does now in Ventura.

Looks like there are a number of Ventura specific issues with Audacity

Solved - Had to turn of forcing it to display on a specific Desktop


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