Ventura: No access to Accessibility

I’ve got a lot of apps requesting Accessibility (or Screen Recording) through System Settings. There are no items in there (there used to be many). I can’t add any and restarts don’t help. There seems to be no lock on System Settings. Is that correct?

Any ideas?


something is not configured correctly in your case, I have these on my setting

I can’t even get any apps in there, even with the +. No response at all.

I saw that occasionally in version of macOX prior to 13.0, including some apps ‘forgetting’ they were enabled. Re-start seemed to resolve the issue. I’ve not seen in 13.0 in the week of running it.

I’ve seen that as well, and a restart solved them. But, restarted several times and no change.

I did an interweb search for “macos no access to accessibility” and found a number of hits. MacWorld mag has How to fix macOS Accessibility permission when an app can’t be enabled | Macworld.

I can’t vouch for this, but interesting none the less.

Thanks. I’ll have a look at that article.

HOWEVER, I booted into Recovery just to see what I could see. I was going to do a reinstall of Ventura, but it said I didn’t have enough disk space. Rebooted to see what I could clear, and all the apps were back into Security and Privacy.

Another case of the Magic of Electronics. Time to get on with life!

Thanks to all for your comments.

My hunch is that in recovery mode the reset of Accessibility as described in the MacWorld piece was done. But only the macOS developer at Apple would really know!

I had the exact same problem. Ultimately, restarting MULTIPLE times did fix the problem. It felt like Restart option in the Apple Menu was like the handle on a slot machine. After enough attempts, I hit the jackpot.

But now I’m nervous about restarting the Mac Mini again, haha!