Ventura stuck on Language Chooser on accessing Recovery environment

In order to enable MacFuse so that I can use pCloud, et al, as virtual mounted HDs, I need to enable system extensions from the Recovery Environment.

When I try to enter the recovery partition to access Utilities, I can’t get past the Language Chooser, which I believe wants me to accept Apple’s terms and conditions (brand new M1 MBP16). It just hangs with an occasional beachball.

I thought that, perhaps, this was Apple’s servers being overloaded at Christmas with all the new devices trying to log into them for one reason or another, but this has been going on for days now.

Does anyone have a solution?

Sorry, no solution, but this article offers lots of suggestions for getting out of your predicament.

I finally came across the solution, purely by chance.

I restarted my Mac to initiate the Recovery mode once more, clicked Continue, chose my language in the Language Chooser screen and, on a whim, decided immediately to press the spacebar.

Lo and behold, the Recovery partition tools showed up and I was able to fix the problem that had caused me to need those tools in the first place.

Congratulations on getting past this roadblock.

I might suspect that my keyboard is not functioning correctly. Seems like something odd is going on.