Ventura won't remember display config ...?

The setup:

  • M1 MBA (laptop monitor set to “main display”)
  • 27" HDMI monitor wired through dock, in portrait mode (“extended display”)
  • 42" AirPlay monitor (“extended display”)

I let things go to sleep at night/when I leave for several hours. The AirPlay obviously disconnects - no big deal there. But when the laptop wakes up:

  • The 27" HDMI monitor becomes “main display”
  • The 27" HDMI monitor reverts to landscape orientation (in software, obviously - the actual monitor is still portrait :slight_smile: )
  • The M1’s internal display is set to mirror the 27" HDMI monitor
  • The “arrange” configuration reverts to default as well.

It’s almost like the MacBook is discovering the monitor for the first time, every time.

Is there any way to get the MacBook to remember that this particular monitor is a portrait display, and is to the left of the MacBook, not to the right?

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I plugged in two Studio Displays to the Mac Studio recently and experience similar issues where after a sleep / wake cycle, the windows move over to the main display from the secondary display. It’s annoying but it seems it’s more than just being unable to remember the window positions; macOS is unable to tell the two displays apart as it can only differentiate between displays if they’re either from different manufacturers OR have different manufacturing dates. It does not look at serial numbers. In my case both displays are from Apple and since I bought them on launch day, their manufacturing dates are the same as well :man_facepalming: