Verizon In-home 5G Any Good?

Verizon is offering in-home 5G in our area. It’s $50 per month unlimited (no data caps) with an advertised 1 gigabit speed and an average download speed of 300 mps. No contract.

I currently pay $120 per month for 500 mps through the cable company. The only other option in our area is Centurylink, which can only offer 3mps with DSL.

Anyone have any experience with in-home 5G? Any feedback?

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Is it mmWave? Did Verizon say anything about that?

Here’s a link to the info at Verizon.

I am using in Charlotte, NC. I within a 1/10 of mile of a tower and have excellent service. 2 maybe 3 times as fast as the previous max Comcast cable service that I was using.

It has been installed and used actively on a daily basis since the middle of May and I have only experienced one “outage” that necessitated a reset from Verizon. Other than that I am extremely pleased.

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A good friend of mine has tried it in an area that has iffy cellular service and he is getting poor results. So I’d say at a minimum you need a good signal to their nearest tower. Both Verizon and T-Mobile are doing this, and at the same price, so check those signal strengths!

He now fears he may be stuck getting satellite or moving since he works remotely and needs service!

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