Very confused by Apple Cash

Got an Apple Card. Woohoo! Spent some money. Now I apparently have something like $5 Apple Cash.

I’m confused as heck here. When I clicked on Apple Cash in the wallet app, I had something at the top of the screen that said to add my Apple Cash Card so that I could use it for purchases from iTunes and such. So I picked “Add Card”. It popped up and told me the card couldn’t be added. I tried again a couple of times, then I clicked “Dismiss”. And apparently that makes the notification go away forever.

I see mentions of an “Apple Cash Card”. I don’t think I have one, and when I follow the links to Apple’s website I wind up being more confused since the pages they link to don’t seem to be answering my questions. This “Apple Cash Card” seems different from Apple Cash, but maybe not?

Basically, I don’t ever use Apple Pay. I don’t want to put all of my cards & stuff into Wallet.

So what happens with my Apple Cash? Will my Apple Cash automatically be used for my apps / subscriptions / etc.? Or will it show up as a statement credit on my Apple Card? Or … ?

Your Apple Cash Card is the only way, as far as I’m aware to access your Apple Cash. From there it can be applied to payments to your Apple Card or deposited into a Bank account or used on other Apple Purchases. I think there is a way to force that card to show up again. I seem to remember having a similar problem the first time I tried to set it up.

It will show up on your statements, but to manage how it is used I believe that you need to the card in the Wallet App.


I just made a payment on my Apple Card and the option to use your rewards cash (Apple Cash) for payment happens in that moment. I’m not sure if or how it can be set to default for other Apple Purchases without doing more testing. I don’t know because once you have an Apple Card it doesn’t make sense to use the Cash for purchases because you lose out on the Cash Back. The best strategy, in my opinion, is to use it for all Apple Purchases and then pay off the balance. It’s effectively getting 3% back on any purchase from Apple.

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Did you go to Wallet & Apple Pay in your settings? Your Apple Cash Card can be added there. In those settings you would have a default payment card selected. Apps that you purchase go to the default first. Right now I have 100$ in Apple Cash. If I decided to buy a 50$ app I could change the default to my Apple Cash Card and use some that reward money. Then I could go back and make my usual cc the default. One time I gave a gift with the Apple Cash in messages; easy peasy. Good luck finding your answers.