Very specific list/notes/task workflow

We use JIRA, and I have to take notes about my tickets in addition, especially for my dailies, but also throughout the day. I need this information readily available on my phone, and I need to be able to quickly move issues up and down in a sort of numbered list view, so I know what to do first.
I also need to be able to make links in the note, and (at least semi-)automatically include a link to the JIRA issue in the header/somewhere in the note. (Presumably with AppleScript from Safari.)

My first thought was Trello, but I do NOT like it, and AFAIK it has no scripting support natively, though there does seem to be workarounds. (And with Keyboard Maestro there are always workarounds of course).

I then tried Bear, which links easily, and is MUCH easier to use for linking, editing text and everything, but is REALLY fiddly to move things around with, especially on the phone.

TickTick is out due to both not letting me just move one issue up or down.

I am almost ready to go back to a pad and pencil, but I would REALLY think that one of the googleplex notes/list applications out there that support both Mac/Browser and Ios/mobile browser at least one would fit me.

Have you tried reminders? It does allow you to move tasks up and down, and can be scripted from Drafts, Shortcuts/Workflow and it has IFTTT integration too.

I need to see my notes below the task. Might not have been specific about that.

How about Drafts? If you tap on the word and character count then you can rearrange the paragraphs. If you format things like this:

# Task Name
My notes here, more information, don't forget X

# Task 2
Notes! Glorious notes!

Then that should work for the rearranging. Of course, then you cant check things off as easily, but if you add a divider somewhere


Then you could move completed tasks below it.

Checking off is not very important, after all no issues are ever actually completed.

But Drafts isn’t available on macos, is it?

I would go for Thinks. It is very easy to move items around. It is not scriptable, but you can do a lot of automation through its powerful URL scheme.

How do you show the entire notes field in list view in things? That’s not possible on ticktick.

Sorry, @Shruggie . I missed that point. I am afraid you cannot see the whole note content on the list view in Things.

You could do it though in Taskmator (iOS) / Taskpaper (Mac).

Taskpaper is a good idea, had completely forgot that there is actually a whole category of apps available to do basically this whole thing… Will look into Taskmator - looks like there is a lot less apps available on iOS than on macOS, which is too bad, since on macOS you can use Taskpaper files with any editor - iOS is where you really need a helpful app to make things easier.

Sounds like Agenda might be a good fit.

I ended up using Taskmator for the Taskpaper format on iOS, and just Sublime Text (which is always open anyway) on the mac.

Glad you found something that works for you. 2Do might have been another option that also syncs across Mac and iOS. Priorities or tags could help you sort and I believe it supports what you had in mind.