Vesa Arms advice

Please see attached photo of my studio.

I wondered if anyone knows of a vesa post that I could position at the back of the desk between my two monitors with two independant arms.

The iMac Pro needs to be central and the second monitor is off to the left and a little lower.

What I am trying to achive is more desk space. If the iMac could be a little higher so that the audio controllers could push back underneath, that would give me the space I need at the front of the desk.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

I have both the one-arm and dual-arm version of this Husky mount. They work well, but on the dual-arm, both monitors must be at the same height. So to have different heights, you would want two single-mounts.
There are height-adjustable arms, and I haven’t used them. It looks like they would all have some part of the arm extending back from the desk (depending on monitor height). Given your room layout, this might make it annoying to walk around them.

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