VHS to File or Thumb Drive

looking for someone’s first hand experience using one of those VHS to File (Thumb Drive, etc) converters with software that hook up to a VCR and to your Mac, I only have a few home movies that I would like to preserve and toss these dying VHS tapes, do not want to convert to DVD, just a file so I can back up, import to YouTube to share with family. appreciate any info!

I’ve been watching for 19 days, hoping someone smart would reply.

In the ‘old days’ we used devices like the Elgato. This is the $80 version:

Another one in the $25 range:

I have a similar project on my to-do list, but it’s way down the list. If you have any positive results, please share them. I’ve bookmarked your thread,.

Hey. I did some video transfers just last week. What do you want to know? I have one of those legato things… it’s what I’ve been using for years. In fact, part of the reason that I did the video now was because Elgato’s software is warning me that it’ll need updating to 64 bit…

I gave up on doing it myself and sent all the video files off to iMemories and had them do it for me instead. Which reminds me, I need verify Iv’e got them all off and then cancel my subscription for storage as it’s really no longer needed.

Now I’d probably go to a different digitizing service that did noterquire a subscription.

Did you have much success with iMemories? A distant family member just sent off eight items and they replied that they could only digitise one of them. Haven’t got the full explanation though.

They digitized everything I sent in with no problems. Now I would probably consider this company instead Digmypics because they do all scanning in the US and it’s a single fee for service.

I have not used them just they are the current ones top on my list for scanning photos and stuff that I can’t do myself and they also do movie film.

The conversion service, when you send off the tapes is probably easiest but probably not worth it for one or two tapes - Time is money so if you have the time you can probably do it cheaper.You also have to decide how valuable the tapes are, perhaps they get lost in the mail or conversion service loses them etc.