article: Is Micromanaging Your Life With an App Really a Good Idea?

I I’ll add an Omifocus reminder to look into that.


Seriously, I don’t let an app micromanage my life. I just got a lot to do, much of it fiddly, and need help keeping track of it all.


Currently reading Dave Eggers’s The Every, and it hits on many of these themes.

I’m not all the way through yet, but I highly recommend it and the prequel (The Circle).


I love my apps, I did drop Omnifocus. I used it as a kind of outliner and note taker, it got a bit pricey when I found DEVONthink 3 and Ulysses. Still waiting for new NValt or whatever it is called…
However there is not one app I really use ‘as recommended’, maybe the native Calendar. Otherwise they all seem to have idiosyncratic use in my hands. I am fine with it. That was funny too.