Vic's Office Set Up

Thought I’d share my set up. I’m a managing broker at a real estate company and spend 75% in the office and the rest in the field. Here is the list of gear starting with my pride and joy - a bespoke, custom made monitor stand by Hammermill.

In the field, I pretty much just use my MBP and sometimes a 10.5 iPad Pro. The business apps and forms utilities we use are much easier on a laptop, so I pretty much hit the field with both items to be sure I’m covered for whatever task I need to complete.

  • 2016 13” Non-Touch Bar MBP
  • Thunderbolt Display
  • Jarvis Sit/Stand Desk
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Logitech MX Ergo Trackball
  • Magic Trackpad
  • Twelve South Curve Mac Stand
  • Faux Leather Desk Mat from Amazon
  • Cheap iPhone Dock From Amazon

a bespoke, custom made monitor stand by Hammermill.

I chuckled.


How do you like the desk? I’m trying to find a budget adjustable desk.

i’ve been through 2 of those Microsoft keyboards, one the capital N stopped working and 1 the space bar squeeked, only the right space bar.

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I like the desk quit a bit. $600 is a lot of money to me for a desk, but other motorized desks run $1000-$2,000.

This is my third MS Sculpt keyboard in 3-4 years. The others flaked out just like yours with dead keys. I put up with it since it feels good and doesn’t give me RSI issues.

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I was really hoping i was the only one who had problems with these. i just switched to a Logitech mechanical because i was typing peoples new passwords wrong too many times with my Microsoft set. i don’t have RSI issues, i just like to try and stay ahead of this. i wish someone made an ergonomic mechanical keyboard, then we would be talking. in any event, nice setup.

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Does MS validate the warranty on Sculpt’s when a key goes bad? Or did you just have to buy a new one?

I love my MS ergonomic keyboard! I have the same as the OP. I can barely type on a normal keyboard anymore!