Video annotation apps?

Im looking for recommendations on iPad based software that allows you to draw on video. I want to annotate (hopefully with apple pencil) and have the annotations show up on the final video. I have only come up with a few strange suggestions from a Google search, so figured this community might have some good suggestions.


Do you need to do it in real time? If not you could screen record yourself drawing on a green background then add it in via green screen in iMovie or other editor.

Hmm. Good idea.
What I want to do is have a moving map (aviation) that is a screen recording, and be able to draw on that my flying route to point out things to the viewer.

There’s another one I can’t find right now, but I’ll keep looking.

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Well that one hasn’t been updated in six years…

This is an article from 2015 but it might give you some leads:

Another option is using Software as a Service (SAAS). For example, Veed is a service in which you upload a video, draw/annotate/edit/transcribe/subtitle/rotate/add stickers/fix contrast/color, it renders the video on their servers and then you download the completed video. It’s not an iPad app per se, but it seems you ought to be able to use it on an iPad since you’re editing inside a browser window.

Service is free for videos under 10 minutes.

Great, thanks for the suggestions.