Video conferencing hardware

This is not exactly a Mac power users question, but I’m hoping that some knowledgeable MPU listeners can point me towards some resources. My boss has asked me to look into a video conferencing setup for our small-ish conference room.

Based a bit of googling this seems to be an area that’s dominated by vendors who want to sell you “solutions” rather than just allowing you to buy stuff (and refuse to tell you their prices until you give them your email as a sales lead) and proprietary setups that are linked to a single video conferencing service. In the interest of trying to find an easier path through this mess, I thought I’d see if any MPU listers have a good reference or overview that they could point me to? I’m also game for any specific hardware/software recommendations, but at this point, I’m more looking for something that will give me the lay of the land.

Check out Zoom Rooms. I think this will fit the bill nicely.


we use webex , zoom and skype for buisness across several companies .

we no longer have dedicated room equipment .

just intel nuc , conference microphone and a good camera . works well for us

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We use zoom for all of our video meetings and have had success with the Meeting Owl for large group video with remote team members

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Reading your question I assume you are looking for video conferencing hardware.

You might want to search B&H for Video Conferencing Cameras.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I just implemented a Zoom Room solution, and found it excellent. Simple to administer, and has a lot of flexibility, including the ability to interface (Room Connector) with the big players (Polycom, Cisco, Life-size and Skype4B) all of which exist within my organisation

The hardware I selected was a ‘tiny’ form factor Lenovo (should be i7 for multiple screens), Logitech Meetup camera and an iPad mini as a controller. The Logitech Meetup is a great camera, and as a package the entire installation is very reasonable.

I did experiment with the Logitech SmartDock, Surface Pro and Skype4B but this was not nearly as flexible and nice as Zoom to implement.