Video Editing Question / MacBook Pro M1 / Final Cut Pro

I recently upgraded from an Intel iMac (2017) to a Apple M1 Pro

I was getting lots of frame drops without converting to proxy. Does anybody know given the mac specs; should I have to convert to proxy? I’m editing directly from the internal drive.

My MBP is a 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine, and 32gb of unified Memory, and a 4TB hard drive. I’m shooting 4K (XAVC S 422 10bit 100).

Really appreciate any inputs on this as I believed the MBP could handle most video codecs thrown at it.

Thank you,

I have both the Pro and Max M1 Macbook Pros (personal and work), and I also need to convert to proxy on the Pro to edit smoothly without frame loss when editing 4K. The Max, on the other hand, does not require it.

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Thanks Rob… I guess it boils down to some processing time on the MBP. A bit disappointing though. Which codec are you shooting in?

A lot of different ones, as we have over 40 different cameras from a variety of manufacturers that we use for various purposes in the media lab at the university where I work.

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