Video player like VLC, but with Picture-in-Picture?

Any recommendations for a video player (on iOS) like VLC, but with Picture-In-Picture?

Some “requirements”:

  • Support many codecs
  • Add videos without using iTunes (on Windows)
  • Picture-in-Picture


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Documents by Readdle. That’s what I use on iOS. Works pretty good for Picture-In-Picture.

I use IINA on macOS, but I don’t think they have an iOS version?

Whoops! When you said VLC my head went immediately to that Mac.

Check out Infuse I feel like Federico Viticci recommended it a couple years back. And just verified it works with Picture in Picture.

Edit: link from Mac stories

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I’ve heard of it (and probably have read that MacStories article before), but apparently never tried it.

Installed it now; it seems to do exactly what I want :smile: Thanks!

One additional question for Infuse users: can you exclude (all) videos from device back-ups? (VLC can)

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I would recommend nPlayer over Infuse (for several reasons including price). It has a toggle for iTunes backup.

Ah, I have tried the “Lite” version of this in the past.

This free version is super annoying with ads and pop-ups. Haven’t seen that in Infuse (yet?).

But good to know this alternative once I need to go Plus/Pro/… in any of these Apps.

Ahh. I didn’t know that. If the free version of Infuse suffices, then maybe you can just use it instead.