Video production software for dummies

Any recommendations for video production software (or online, browser-based) for someone who is decidedly not technical? Simple needs: Assemble video clips and whiteboard-style clips/slides. One of these users is on Windows, making this less straightforward.


What are the others? MacOS? iOS? For the simplest, easiest options check out this article, oriented towards use by kids.

For cross-platform use, take a look at the simple but capable VideoPad, which runs on everything.

Price for the basic verison with 2-track audio is $40 (if that’s AUD, then that makes it USD $27), or you could license it for every platform for $16.50 (AUD? USD?) per quarter.

Apple’s iMovie is pretty simple and surprisingly powerful, but I’m not sure how dead-simple it is to use. If you want dead-simple, look to Apple’s Clips app, which is iOS-only.

You might check out Premiere Rush. It’s free to try out then $10/month. It looks like you can go month to month on it and just use it as you need it.

LumaFusion on an iPad is fabulous, powerful yet easy to use. I have used adobe premier before which was way overkill and the stock iMovie which was a pain to use. LumaFusion actually made video editing pleasurable and it s not something I enjoy or do often.