Video routing and mixing software

Now that we’re all on video calls, I’m exploring software for improving how video is routed into apps. Boinx make a product called mimoLive which looks like the real deal. However, it is pretty expensive ($37AUD / month for personal use and going all the way up to $369 AUD/month for Broadcast use).

I think they used to make a product called TV-in-a-box or something like that? Anyway, that was a long time ago.

However, are there any other products that do this kind of stuff?

I used to own a license of BoinxTv a long time ago. A product ahead of its time for sure.

Based on BoinxTV here are some alternative software to look at

You may even check out some Vjay software as well


Naturally I think that the more stringent copy protection makes say the video equivalent of Audio Hijack a lot more difficult.

Thanks for the links. I think I’m going to start with a trial of Wirecast. It’s also not cheap, but it’s not a subscription and is made by a vendor I trust.


Open Broadcaster Software can possibly do what you want. Loads of people seem to be using it at the moment with the pivot to live streaming. It’s free in both senses of the words (no cost and open source).

We are using OBS to get different views into a live stream on Webex. It works really well! I highly recommend it. I like using it with my stream deck app since it makes it easier to switch scenes.

Oh this looks very interesting. Thanks! I will geek out on this.

So - it looks like this is harder than I first thought. It seems the way to get OBS to work is to install a plugin called VirtualCam – which is currently only available for Windows. Dang!

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You can use to create a virtual webcam to work with OBS. And then use that as a source for the steaming app you want to use.

I’m researching this to. For OBS, I found an open source virtual cam plugin but haven’t built it yet. That one requires building and patching OBS and the plugin to work.

I tried camtwist, but it is a 32-bit -“” so it won’t work with many, if any, Mac apps. I tried using it to create a virtual cam with Facetime, Photo Booth, Slack, and Webex . None of those apps recognized it.

Great news! OBS Studio for Mac can now create a Virtual Camera!

Details are here

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