Viewing plain text files on Apple Watch

I have checklists saved as text files (stored in a Github repo, accessible by Working Copy and the Files app) that I’d love to view on my Apple Watch.

  • A quick search of the App Store for Apple Watch-compatible notes or files apps yielded little fruit.
  • I’ve been taking a screenshot of a particular checklist and using it as a Watch face, but this is a terrible and non-scalable workaround (having ten Watch faces for ten checklists doesn’t sound like fun!).

Has anyone got a go-to app for this sort of thing?

Evernote can push notes to the Apple Watch

The aptly named Push To Apple Watch pushes text files.

I keep many checklists in Google Keep because I like the UI, but it can also sync over checklists to the AW.

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Interesting - will check out your suggestions.

I did notice some Notes apps - including Evernote - but I’d love a Watch app that automatically updates the files when they’re updated in Working Copy on the iPhone (perhaps using IFTTT or similar automation services). Maybe this would be possible with Evernote, although I’m reticent to get an Evernote account purely for this purpose.

If only Apple Notes was available for Watch!

Would a Cheatsheet work? I use it for short notes, so I haven’t explored its limitations. I pushed notes to the watch very quickly, and I see they recently released a Mac app with iCloud syncing.

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This would be my pick as well, very convenient and easy way to view notes on the Watch.

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