Virtual Debit Cards

I cannot remember if it was MPU or not… one podcast I listen to has been advertising the service of virtual cards for online payments… anyone know which company it is?

Also, does anyone use these?

I’ve just had to cancel a card to stop a repeating payment… could have done with a virtual card!

Sounds like You can grab the code for the show you want to support here. Sponsor Codes - Relay FM

Ah thank you. Looks like US only… that’s a shame!

Outside the US, at least in the UK, I know that Revolut have a virtual card, though double checking, you have to have the £6.99 a month version.

Monzo I note does too… that requires the pro at £5 a month…

I know my Citi credit cards offer virtual numbers.

I didn’t realise that! I’ve got a Monzo account, but not the pro version.

Is it worth the £5 a month?!?

Not for me, which is why I don’t have it :wink:

I’ve the bog standard free version of Monzo and to be honest, I rarely use that these days. I only really keep it because when they did a funding round, I bought some shares.

You can’t say fairer than that!

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I hope they bring it to Europe.

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