Visible Wireless iPhone 14

I’ve been looking at Visible Wireless which seems like a great, less expensive, alternative to Verizon. Does anyone know if Visible supports new iPhones on launch day? :slight_smile:

Yes, they’ll be supported.

With Visible, keep in mind that under their new plan structure, you will see noticeable deprioritization if you don’t subscribe to Visible+. Still a better deal than paying for branded Verizon postpaid, of course.

Is the difference between the regular and plus simply the higher prioritization (Premium experience)? When you say “noticeable”, how bad is it? How often?

It looks like the regular plan can be deprioritized at any point, where the plus plan is only deprioritized over 50GB. Also, is there no family/multi-line plan?

No group discounts, I’m afraid. Party Pay is going away:

If you go with Visible, you might want to use a Privacy card. They had a major data breach last year:

I was a customer at the time. Fortunately I wasn’t affected, but I never received any communication about the breach from Visible.

I ended up going back to one of the Big 3, mainly due to Visible/Verizon lacking coverage in an area I travel through a few times a year. I had to juggle dual-sim with another MVNO, and I got tired of doing that.

That said, where I spend most of my time, Visible’s coverage was good (no 5G, though). I was on Party Pay, so I was paying all of $30/month for service for my phone and Apple Watch. It looks like that combo would now be $35 or $50 per month, depending on your plan. That’s still really good.

Do be aware that, unless things have changed, all support is online only, so be prepared to spend some time on chat if you need help. I only ever had a problem once. Fortunately I’d done a bit of Googling beforehand and knew that (1) not all Visible agents would know what the problem was and (2) what the problem was and what the agent needed to do to fix it. So by the time I got through to an agent the solution was quick — a few minutes and a reboot later, and I was good to go.