Visual Project Challenge - Calendar or Report?

Hey MPU,

Here is a task that I have that I generate yearly at this time in our Diocese. I send out a Google Form to all the churches in the region (roughly 40) and ask for their service schedule during the time period of Great Lent. Everyone fills out the form, I generate a table that lists the churches and their equivalent Lenten service, convert to PDF, post online and distribute.

I thought about a dedicated calendar that people can subscribe, but it might be too cluttered. (Example, if all the 40 churches have the same service time on the same day, -which does happen) But again, think about it from those 40 churches are scattered from up to Fresno down to San Diego.

Is there a better “MPU” to do this? Anything that’s visually nicer?
Or just keep it simple with a PDF ?

You could probably make a nice Coda app for that - it would take some time to build but after that is done it would be self-sustaining, i.e. no need to manually create the PDF, post online, and distribute.

Have you looked at Airtable?
You can create a form that feeds a table, create different views of the data, etc. Free for low-use cases like yours.

Looking into Airtable, I forgot all about it. Looking to see how easily it is to be shared publicly via link or report.

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