VITICCI: “Reminders my default task manager … arguably is the best task manager …”

I finally had some time today to read Federico’s review.

Regarding Apple Reminders, he writes:

Despite some technical issues and the unfavorable comparison against power-user tools such as Todoist and GoodTask, Reminders is more than good enough for me at this point as a professional task manager for complex projects. Thanks to iOS and iPadOS 17, I moved back to Reminders again – this time, most likely for good.

We’ll see how long it last. :joy:


Exactly :smile:. 2 months later gonna be some other shiny new todo app.


I was inspired to give it a try.

  1. I can’t add lists shared by someone else to a folder. I use Reminders for little things like shopping list and holiday ideas with my partner, which, if I am to use this as a proper task manager, I’d want to hide them away in a folder so I can start adding work lists.
  2. The date predictor is extremely buggy. “Monday at 5pm” results in a suggestion for a due date right now.

I have just changed our shopping list to a “Grocery List” and the grouping is exceptional though!

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My apologies, but I’m not sure I understand your first question, can you clarify?

Regarding the bug, yes, there is a bug with date and time picking in some circumstances with Reminders. I’m confident that will be fixed quickly. That said, I’m not seeing that problem. From several podcasts that I’ve heard, I get the impression that it is a problem for keyboards in other countries, not necessarily in the United States. I’ve been using it for several weeks now, and just tested it again, and I’m not seeing a problem.

I’ve been waiting years for this to be fixed.

The other quirk is that it’s so many taps and clicks to add details like dates and locations. The shortcuts support is amazing, though.


When someone shares a list with me, it is impossible to add it to a group (folder). Not a question but an observation

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I’m in the UK but am using an American layout keyboard. I don’t see the significance of the layout though - I’m typing characters (“5pm Monday”) and it’s giving me the current time and date.

If this were your or my app, then I’d be fine with that. Federico is saying this is Apple’s finest work, and with simple bugs like this, I have to disagree.

If I recall correctly, I believe it was Viticci on AppStories E351 who mentioned the ongoing bug and it seems to be related to iOS in other countries, specifically Europe. He indicated that the upcoming update does not yet fix the problem.

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I understand, but it is common and seemingly inevitable that bugs will appear in first releases, though, admittedly, this one is a big deal for a task app. :man_shrugging:t3:

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I keep trying Reminders and always find the overall user experience to just let it down. Specifically the inability to hide previews for images and URLs and especially full notes, just makes the information density so low (especially on iPhone) so as to be basically unusable.

Why reminders can’t just show a list, I’ve got no idea.

Also the complexity of setting dates or changing dates once the task is created is still annoying, all kinds of clicking and scrolling, this should be fiction free (yes Siri entry works fine, however if I’m on a call, having a chat with Siri isn’t quite possible).

I do agree that the new shopping list is great, that the overall solution has so much promise, I think Apple didn’t quite land the new sections capability.

I’ll continue to use Things 3, the question is when will Apple make the few small changes to Reminders that we all would like to see.


I use Reminders but ONLY because it has Siri support which I use often. Pretty much 3+ times per day I will pick up my phone while on the go and do a “Siri, reminder me tomorrow to do xxxxxx…” Then each morning I review on my Mac. Aside from that I find Reminders to be horribly clunky from a UI perspective. Note that I don’t use the app on the phone, only on Mac.

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You can create a small Shortcut that lets you say, “Hey Siri, Add to Things…”

You can also connect a Reminders list to Omnifocus and achieve the same thing. Options abound!

Mr. Viticci’s remarks on his choices of productivity apps age as well as Google’s commitments on services.


sound’s like Viticci already knows it’s not the best… The correct answer is of course Omnifocus 3 :smiley:

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Some people these days change productivity apps more often than I (use to) get haircuts :man_bald:


Hey… who are you calling a typical Mac user?!? :smiley:

I have different apps on my Mac that do the exact same thing… hello Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve all sitting next to each other on the dock. Looking at you Capto, Screenium, and Screenflow…


@ChrisEdwards I never knew about the shared reminders, how they can’t go in a folder till you said it. That kinda annoys me cause I want to organize my reminders better.