Viticci's 'Apple Music Wrapped' Shortcut

If you use Apple Music but want the Spotify “year in review” features, this Shortcut is for you. It’s incredible.


Incredible shortcut! My most listened to songs were a little weird because I listen to different music to workout to but here were my top four artists

Thanks for the tip. I can get the shortcut to generate the PDF (saved to Dropbox option) and create the playlist in Apple Music, but it fails on the display-in-Safari step. Error:

From Federico’s text of the article with the Shortcut:

The other big limitation of Apple Music Wrapped is that it relies on a memory-intensive workaround to open a custom webpage in Safari – that is, it loads a webpage using a data: URL that contains a long base64-encoded representation of the HTML page. This text string includes image assets and JavaScript code as well. For this reason, two things may happen:

  • You may receive a “Couldn’t communicate with a helper application” error message at the end of the shortcut. My understanding is that this is a memory-related issue. Usually, you can “fix” it by force-quitting Safari, the Shortcuts app, or both, and trying to run the shortcut again.

Hope this helps.

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It did, and force quitting both (and then rebooting the iPhone X) fixed the. After it opened in Safari I used Share to save the page to the desktop so I don’t need to run the shortcut again. (Not sure why I would, anyway.) If the shortcut itself could save the page to the desktop instead of opening directly in Safari, then perhaps the out-of-memory error would be avoided?

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