VLC for iPad - the real deal?

I’ve got a couple of videos that I’m looking to watch on my iPad on a plane, and I’m looking to avoid iTunes. I downloaded VLC for my iPad, and transferred a few of the videos via direct connect from my laptop.

Any reason this shouldn’t work well? Is anyone rocking a better solution? This seems pretty great, especially since it’s free, haha!

I haven’t tried it in a few years, but in the past, due to licensing restrictions, it couldn’t play the audio for certain file formats. As such, since then I’ve been using Infuse. It costs money but gets pretty frequent updates and works well.

If you do try out VLC, please let us know if you run into any playback issues.

I tried VLC, but ditched it in favor for nPlayer. The $5 were very well spent :ok_hand:
I especially like that it will download metadata (description, director, actors etc.) and covers, if applicable.

I would recommend Infuse or Plex (with a lifetimw pas) for this type of viewing.

I use VLC on my iPad to watch movies and such. No issue

For the watching Videos i use file Browser of file Explorer. Especially file Explorer is my Swiss knife for accessing and Displaing and Kind of Media files like pictures, Video and Audio files.

Another satisfied infuse user here :slight_smile:

Infuse all the way! It can handle everything!

On initial tests, VLC was doing everything I needed. Audio has been playing fine from all sources.

So of course I downloaded infuse anyway. :laughing:

Half the video files in one app, and half in the other. Will see how the trip goes!

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