Voice Dream reneges past one-off licenses

Pricing Update for One-time Purchasers

Voice Dream transitioned into a subscription business model and sold out the company last year. It’s been honouring old licensea so far. But they now they just announced they are revoking existing licenses on 1 May.

  • What if I don’t upgrade before May 1, 2024?
  • After May 1, 2024, you will no longer be able to add new documents to your library. You will be able to access any documents uploaded to your library before then.

Arghhhh. Now I gotta find another app with decent voices. :expressionless:

The built-in Siri voices sound actually better to me. But it’s not as convenient for longer documents.

This is the worst subscription pricing transition I’ve seen from a company. I’m baffled that it is even possible to take away an app that I paid for. I don’t mind not getting any updates but I at least expect it to retain the functionality that it promised to me when they took my money.


That really is a middle finger to their established user base. I’ve never seen a dev do that before.

I try to avoid lifetime subscriptions because of this situation, and it makes no sense for devs financially.

What is love to see, the ability for loyalty pricing that is focused on length of subscription.

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This is going to be a tough inch, with AI voices becoming more common.