Voice Memo Export and Transcribe

I have a lot of voice memo recordings (100+) using the default iphone app. I have it synced to icloud and they show up on my ipad and mbp. I can’t see a way to confirm that all the voice memos have synced across all platforms.

  1. How do I export them from the iphone since that was primary recording?
  2. Delete them from iphone? after confirming export and backed up
  3. Transcribe them using software?

Extra credit. I have old voice memos in iTunes. How can I do the same?

  1. Export voice memos from iTunes and backup?
  2. Delete from iTunes
  3. I assume transcribe with same process as 3 above.


Sounds like a job for iMazing.

Highly recommended.

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I’m looking at imazing. Since I’m syncing to icloud, is there a way to make sure I get all the voice memos and then delete them accordingly? I’m just a little paranoid about missing any of the voice memos.

Does anybody know an easy way to delete them?

If you have configured Voice Memos on your Mac to sync with iCloud, the recordings are here:

~/Library/Application Support/com.apple.voicememos/Recordings

You can stop the Mac from syncing with Voice Memos in iCloud by using System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive then press the “Options” button and uncheck “Voice Memos” in the list that you’ll see on the next panel.


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