Voice Memos not syncing!

Is Voice Memos iCloud syncing a universal problem or is it just me?

I’ve installed iOS 12 on my iPhone and iPad, and Mojave on my MacBook Pro, but my Voice Memos do not sync. On my iOS devices Voice Memos is toggled on in Settings > Apple ID > iCloud, and on my Mac it’s toggled on in System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options. I’ve created test Voice Memos both on my iOS devices on my Mac and neither sync.

I also have just upgraded from an iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone XS and have quite a few Voice Memos on my iPhone 7 Plus that I would like on my XS – I was expecting them to sync, but no. (I set up the iPhone XS as a new phone and did simply restore it from my 7 Plus backup.)