Voice Memos to Text - Possible?

Is it possible to record in the Voice Memo app and then convert it to text? If this cannot be done in the iOS system, does anyone know of any third-party apps that will accomplish this?

Just Press Record is my preferred app for this.


Rose - does this app use Apple’s Voice Memos app or does it completely replace/bypass Voice Memos?

It’s a replacement - it doesn’t access voice memos but it does do transcription, and have an Apple Watch app with a complication which I love.

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How is this better than Drafts? Is it because you still have the audio file at the end? And, if so, is that practically useful e.g. exportable?

JPR isn’t “better” than Drafts – it’s different than Drafts. It can be an input source for Drafts or anything else that accepts its transcription, audio, or transcription+audio via the Share menu.

I used it Rose, but didn’t get good results out of that. The way it works by breaking down the audio into smaller chunks is not intuitive. It sometimes breaks the recording in a middle of a word, makes it impossible to transcribe it.

I want to record a long audio file, say 5 minutes of talking, and later convert it to text to create a transcript. Also, I want take a Voice Memo that I receive from someone else and turn it into a text transcript. Drafts doesn’t do that.

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