Voice Over/Screen Reader Software


I am a parent of two young kids (1st grade/K) who like many in the US will be starting school this fall attending virtually. My spouse and I both work from home and will be having to juggle our work day with their school day. A idea we talked about is turning on voice over or a screen reader so our kids could be more independent in terms their assignments (given their age we are going to have to be involved in some capacity obviously.) Does anyone have any experience using voice over on their iPad and especially in Google Classroom or Seesaw and can relate to how well they work together?

You may have thought of this, but searching for these platforms and “blind” turns up info on screen readers, etc. E.g.


I will quite often use the Siri thing that can be activated from Accessibility settings. There are a LOT of voices to download. I recommend the “Enhanced” versions.

I also like Voice Dream, great app that has been around a long time and is still actively maintained.

Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. I hope y’all have a great weekend.