VoIP software for iOS?

What VoIP software for iOS do you recommend?

Right now I still have a landline, but I’m considering switching to VoIP.

I found a cheap VoIP provider (less than €10/year for keeping my landline number), but they don’t offer software. They recommend Bria Mobile, but this App seems to be subscription based (for just the App, no VoIP service) and with €0,99/month the App is more expensive than the service itself… :cry:

Any other recommendations?

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I use Acrobits Groundwire and am happy with it

That App is iPhone only it seems?

I don’t know enough about VoIP yet, but I was hoping I could install an App on both my iPhone and my iPad and answer on any of those devices.

Is that even possible?

you can install it on your iPad as well. Works as normal, but not full screen.

If you look in the AppStore there are many iPad VoIP clients. Be careful as most tie to a specific service. I use Acrobits as it allows me multiple accounts