Volume name changed (sort of), mucking up Backblaze backup

This is odd to me, but I think someone will recognize the cause immediately.

Backblaze said it could not backup a volume because it was expecting the volume to be named “SD Mac-16 on Wabbit 3” but the volume is now named “SD Mac-16 on Wabbit 3.” But I thought the volume is named “SD Mac-16 on Wabbit”!:

Looks like a volume (in this case a disk image) has two names: The name I can see in the finder and apparently, a name the system knows, perhaps to resolve naming conflicts? Look at the Get Info box:

The system adds the “3” and I guess it used to be “2.” Backblaze was used to seeing it as 2 and now, even though it seems to know it’s the same volume, it now sees 3 and refuses to do the backup.

I changed that “Name & Extension” field but the system soon changes it back.

Can someone explain and suggest a remedy?

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I have had this problems many times, but don’t really remember the solution to it. I’d check with Backblaze support, they are helpful.

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What you are seeing is a fairly common. I’ve had it happen a few times myself. Read both suggestions before proceeding.


Yes!!! Reproducing steps here to save future visitors some reading.

  • I ejected all volumes and unplugged all external drives.
  • Using Finder > Go > Go To Folder, went to /Volumes/ and sure enough, it showed some phantom “SD Mac-16 on Wabbit …” folders.
  • Trashed those and remounted my drives and all looks ok.

Not 100% sure until we let some time pass for Backblaze to look for the volume again—I’ll amend this if there are firther complications.

Thank you all!


I ran into this issue too! Originally I believed it was because my apartment looks on to a train track and the vibrations from them coming by were loosening the connection to my laptop.

I bought shock absorbing mats and spread them across my desk. Still didn’t work :rofl:

I ended up swapping the cable I received with the drive for a thunderbolt cable from Apple and haven’t bumped into this issue since!