VueScan Worst Support Ever!

I’m ready to tear my heair out. I’m trying to get VueScan to cange the order in which scanned items are labeled/numbered.
Here are the steps I’ve done and the results

Input tab Professional
scan to file
B&W negative
batch scan List

Crop tab
X size 2.25
Y size 2.25

Multicrop Custom
X images 2
Y images 3

Do a preview

Click on input be sure it’s looking at frame 1 click on crop and verify the selection is correct. 1st one is fine
Click on input select frame 2 click on crop drag the selection to image 2 which is to the right of image 1
Click on input and now it’s saying I am at frame 5.

The file numbering goes down then across
4 1
5 2
6 3

I need it to go across then down
2 1
4 3
6 5
and I thought by using manual I could make it do that but I can’t get it to work. Without that the automatic file naming won’t work properly

No matter what I try in terms of dragging the crop frame to the correct location it won’t stay there and actually renumber them properly.

I can’t get the screen shots to both show the numbering and the selection as it’s based on mouse location so when I try to take the screen shot the number on top of the image goes away.

After many hours of trying both dragging and setting things by measuring I wrote a request for enhancement to Ed Hamrick who wrote VueScan. I included all the steps I’ve tried, what the results were and steps to replicate the issue.

His response was “Set “Crop | Multi crop” to “Custom” and experiment a bit.”

I replied and asked whther he could make a screencast showing how to do it and got this reply "You probably need to use a different program.

Ed Hamrick"

So I’m coming here, one to rant a bit but more importantly to se if anyone else can get this to work.

My scanner holder holds 3 of these 2 frame per negative images horizontally.

I can’t help you on this. But I do want to say that I find the topic title quite inappropriate. As far as I know VueScan is a very popular application. You can’t expect the developer to create screencasts just for you. And he gave you a hint on what might work.
Sorry to say, but I agree with mr. Hamrick on this.

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Well I would generally agree with you. BUT, I’ve tried the moving of crop boxes, which is hwat the manual says to do. I’ve tried the setting custom crop by measuring and converting to pixels which is also a way the manual and another book on VueScan says to do it.

I’ve tried every response. Experiment isn’t a response. I’ve show screen grabs of the issue and Iv’e saved out the specs as I was told to do.

I don’t do support for LambTracker either, but when asked I at least explain why it does what it does and where the code is. And if I offer to do it for cash, I will respond with a figure for the specified task. You might look at the fact that he said he gets thousands of dollars for q screen cast, to which I asked for a quote.

PS that is over on the Lightroom Queen forum where the details of the mesages are posted.

Here is the link LightRoom Queen forum thread

It looks to me like vuescan is expecting you to lay two strips of three frames next to each other, in that case the numbering makes sense. Is there some way you could arrange your frames the way vuescan wants them, and then rotate the scans? If I recall correctly vuescan can rotate the scan for you.

Nope, I have film that contains 2 frames each. My negative holder holds 2 frames horizontally, Vuescan required individual frames or negatives held vertically. Cannot do it, unless I’m really stupid and there is an alternative technique that is obtuse and unfathomable.

Go check out eh LightRoom DForum thread, it has pictures…

That was a pretty harsh ending from Mr. Hamrick.

It appears you’ll have to post-process your files to get them named how you want, e.g. with AppleScript or Perl or something similar.

Ed always has been very responsive to me. And we have to praise us lucky for for his work otherwise we would be stuck with Silverfast. Now that is some piece of &^%$# to complain about…

That being said, scanning multiple frames is problematic. Sometimes I am lucky, mostly not. But with Medium and Large format negatives there isn’t thas much to it…

No, the film just fits in the orientation I describe. You cannot change how the film is held.

Problem I’m running into is that I can’t change the filenames with a script because it would cause 2 files to be the same. So far only way is to manually move one to a temporary location, change its name and repeat until are are in the new location with correct names and then continue with import into LightRoom and moving to final storage location.

If the answer had been, “Nope, that is not possible, sorry.” I wouldn’t be so mad. That’s why I sent it in as a request for enhancement not a bug as that’s what I figured the issue was.

There is no excuse for being rude to a customer.

And if it really is so simple then it wouldn’t take more than a minute or 2 to type out some instructions.

I also feel that if you send e-mail that you charge for screen casts that it is reasonable to expect that someone might actually take you up on it. So being told to go away rather than giving me a quote back for the task I requested is beyond rude.

What I fully expected was a several thousand dollar price tag for the requested screen cast. What I was debating whether it would be worth it to go ahead and pay for it. I am looking at the value of my time to handle the renaming vs the cost of the screen cast production. The costs are pretty near identical for a price of somewhere between $1500-$2500. I have hundreds of this particular size negative and thousands of others that also need the ability to change the frame numbering from the VueScan system.

My total scanning task is around 25K items so a big task.

That being said, scanning multiple frames is problematic. Sometimes I am lucky, mostly not. But with Medium and Large format negatives there isn’t thas much to it…

Well then, would you give the task a try and let me knwo how you manage it?

Sure, you’ll have to rename one something temporary, rename the other one, then rename the first one. Something like that…