Walkie talkie issues (yeah I said it 😏)

Try and resist rolling arise when I say the words ‘Walkie Talkie ‘.

I discovered today that the walkie-talkie function of my Apple Watch series 4 (Wi-Fi) requires my phone to make a connection to use a walkie talkie. I only noticed this because the green telephone symbol showed up in the top left-hand corner of my iPhone 11.

The weird thing was that if I click on the telephone symbol it automatically disconnects from whomever it was that I was trying to connect with using the walkie-talkie in the first place. But moving past that the bigger issue here and the reason why I’m reaching out is that I’m hearing this hissing background noise coming from my Apple Watch that remains even after you finished using a walkie-talkie.

It’s really super frustrating for somebody like me who is very sensitive to sound. The other consideration that worries me is that it continues to drain my battery (I think). And the only way to stop the hissing was to turn off the walkie-talkie or go to theatre mode and switch that on or deactivate the walkie-talkie in the control centre.

All of that to say is anybody else experiencing this and is there anything we can do about it?


I actually use Walkie Talkie and I’ve never heard a hissing sound or noticed continued activation. Did this occur only after you clicked the telephone symbol and at no other time?

I’m sure there is a reason that it works the way it does, but the WT reminds me of the voice message function on Messages for iPhone. Perhaps the Watch function borrows from this utility?

so it would be useful to know what phone and Apple Watch versions you have

I am trying to figure out whether this is always been the case for me and I never noticed or whether now that I can hear it I just can’t get past it!

Another strange thing for me (assuming you’re experiencing the same thing)… Is that I can see in the top left-hand corner of my iPhone 11 The green telephone symbol or the time in green (not sure why that changes but it does), and if you click on that green symbol (whichever over of the two is showing at that time), it takes you to the contact that you are speaking to and proceeds to disconnect you. Literally, disconnect you…!

This means you have to reconnect your walkie-talkie connection and that person is alerted the moment that you do, creating an irritating loop where they contact you saying “what’s up”… Well in actual fact all you’ve done is reconnected.

As you can hear this becomes irritating and seemingly unnecessary from my point of you but if there’s a reason there is a reason.

You’re saying that you don’t experience any of this?

I use the most recent versions of iOS and watchOS, and just tested what you described. I’m sorry to report that I’m not having the same issue that you seem to be experiencing.

Now I’m officially jealous. I hate issues with tech. :frowning:

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