Walking workouts on Apple Watch

Greetings, there have been s few times when I go for a long walk and start a walk workout on my Apple Watch. I finish the walk only to find out that none of it has counted toward my activity ring. Does it only count if your heart rate goes up to a certain amount? Would love some help.

Yes, it should raise your heart rate above a certain limit to record it. But it should impact only the Exercise activity ring. Your Move ring should still be updating as you are burning calories constantly than being idle.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes my move ring closes just not the activity ring which is too bad cause some days all I can do is walk and don’t get credit for it.

I’ve noticed the same. From my experience, you need to get your hear rate over 100bpm and maintain for it to count.

Apple has a support article on how to “Get the most accurate measurements using your Apple Watch” that’s worth a read.

My understanding is that the heart rate needs to reach a minimum level before it counts as exercise, and that the minimum heart rate is determined based on factors such as age. It’s also important to check that your Apple Watch is measuring your heart rate accurately (e.g. by making sure it’s tight enough to get an accurate reading).

I walk with the watch every day since day 1, sometimes twice a day (this what a dog will do to you :grinning:). I seldom start a workout, but both the Move and Exercise rings update. As mentioned by others, you must get your heart rate to a certain level to register the Exercise minutes, but in my experience it is way below hundred. Maybe it depends on your normal rest level, as mine is fairly low so I get Exercise minutes once I hit about 85, e.g. by going uphill or at a brisk pace. Out of my morning walk, which takes about 40 minutes, I get about 20 minutes credited in Exercise.

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With the newer WatchOS releases you can start a ‘Other’ workout and I’ve heard it doesn’t check heart rate. All of the time will be counted. Maybe not as satisfying as having a Walk type workout recognized but a possible workaround.

Ah, per this Apple article it appears you can give an Other workout a name of your own choosing.


You can manually add a workout. Of you know that approximate distance,calories, start and end time. It should push that data to the watch. If it does not restart the Apple watch and it should update the added activity.

Open Health App
Click on Health Data Tab (second from the bottom)
Click on Activity
Scroll down and choose Workouts
Click on Add + sign at upper right corner
Then fill in the details of your activity type, distance calories, start and end times.
Click on Add


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I came here with the same question. I’ve since learned the idiosyncrasies of the exercise tracking on the Apple Watch. I would like to try another app that will sync with the watch and will give me exercise credit for these walks. What app suggestions do you have? I have a series 2.

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