Wall Outlet Chargers

I’m replacing several duplex outlets that have USB-A plugs with new ones that have USB-C plugs. I came across this one from Leviton that has Power Delivery (PD) as well. It comes in 30 and 60 watts, but I’ll probably get the 30 watt version since I envision this particular outlet is near the kitchen and will be charging iPads and iPhones. Anyone have any experience with these with PD?

I have the 30w version and it works fine. I’ve never seen the 60w version for sale.

Thanks for the input. Here’s the 60 watt.

I would suggest getting a GAN charger for USB-C but they tends to have lesser USB-A ports

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I still don’t think they’re a real thing yet. And definitely not at $80.

Update: I purchased a couple of the Leviton T5635 wall outlet units in the first post from my local Home Depot and installed them (one on the eat-in kitchen island and one on the bar). They fit perfectly in the junction boxes despite being larger than regular duplex outlets. The USB-C Power Delivery circuitry works great to charge my iPhone and iPad Pro very quickly. Big improvement over USB-A. And no ugly wall wart!