Wallpaper changing by itself

I have an issue recently with Ventura. I am changing my wallpaper and then after some time mysteriously the wallpaper is changing to some generic wall. It only happnes on that specific space where I am working inn that moment. I have absolutely no clue why this is happening and how to fix this.

Does anybody else have this issue recently? Would love to hear some ideas how to get that sorted.


You may want to check your settings. Look for Autorotate.

See Change Wallpaper settings on Mac – Apple Support (UK) for details.

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Yeah already done that and it’s not selected. Damn this issue is so weird. Never had that before.

This happened to me today and I’m still on Monterey so it’s not just a Ventura issue. Very annoying.

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Good to hear I am not the only one. Please let me know if it continues to happen.

This problem is definitely in Monterey. I generally use four spaces with wallpaper from favourite photos. If I reboot, one appears on the login screen, but then all revert to the default background. I thought this might be due to having my photos on a separate drive and the system login process trying to set the background before the drive was mounted, not finding the pictures and reverting to the default. I’ve not been able to prove or fix that hypothesis

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For me, it was a new problem yesterday post-reboot. The only other time I’ve lost my custom wallpapers was after an OS upgrade. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

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Ok so we all have this issue. Come on Apple.

Still the same issue and I have no clue to prevent this. this is a joke.